We are Upstar Records, a youth-led media production project at Sunset Youth Services. We’re a family of artists, performers, and leaders. We are diverse –race, age, and ethnicity. Because we come from neighborhoods all across San Francisco to create media together at Upstar Records, we’re able to make connections with different kinds of people that might not interact without this space. Upstar Records promotes tolerance, understanding and respect for each other and all people.

We have skills in the following areas: music production, audio recording, shooting video and editing video,podcast production, running live sound and producing events. Since 2010, we have raised $25,000 in youth-led project grants. There is the reason why we keep getting grants to fund our projects: we know how to make plans, engage other youth, have fun, and make change. We have been leaders in our community, bringing our portable recording studio to schools to help other kids be creative and express themselves. We also have experience with helping produce events, including the Sunset Community Festival, an annual event run by Sunset Youth Services for more than 20 years. We’re aspiring to fulfill our dream of creating ways for youth to express themselves and build skills along the way. 


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