Young Women Empowerment Party!!!

Near the end of May, Upstar Records got a grant for what we are calling the Women’s Empowerment Party from B.L.I.N.G. We felt the need to explore issues related to gender inequality —  U.S. women’s employment and earnings, poverty and opportunity, work and family, violence and safety, reproductive rights, and health. Team leaders Nalayah, Cat, Tiffany, Maria, and Lolo (myself) are working together to make sure the event will be welcoming, fun and insightful.

I will be leading a talking circle with willing attendees on social justice, gender, racial, and cultural inequalities, and any personal experiences with these topics. I want to hear stories from other people my age and share my experiences so we can relate. Maria will be leading one of her favorite activities called “Step Up, Step Back,” which will get the attendees comfortable with each others. We hope to bring education on topics involving gender inequality and how we can change society’s view on women.

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There will be speakers and performers, food, there will people doing hair and makeup. We will be facilitating fun activities to get everyone to open up and get people to be comfortable talking about issues they are facing. We want people who attend to feel safe and to feel like they can trust themselves and the people around them. We need more spaces and events like this to help us feel united and supported. This event is open to everyone, not just women. People of all sex and gender are welcome. We are reaching out to find people interested in performing or speaking at the party. Join us! Keep an eye out for our next post for more updates!


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