December BBQ Recap

On December 16th of 2016, Sunset Youth Services and UpStar hosted another holiday party feast and the 2nd open mic BBQ event. There were performances by Kid Flame, Prince T, Del Ro, Mas L and many more. The food was once again provided by the Mariposa Bayview Hunters Point Yacht Club. There was corn, pasta, roast beef, bread slices, chicken, tri tip and salad. For dessert, there was delicious chocolate chip cookies, peppermint cookies and cupcakes.

Throughout the night, there was roughly about 125 people. People got involved in the show with the open mic segments and the raffle games. People showed off their “stupid human tricks”,their skills in the “freestyle rap battle” and the event ended with the Mannequin Challenge and storytelling from Ron and Dawn along with some final giveaways.

There will not be a BBQ in January, however there will be on in February of 2017. We are looking for new performers. We are welcoming all youth under the age of 24. Contact @royalsoulsx2 on Instagram with a link to your music and your age if you would love to be apart of exciting project. See you in 2017!


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