BBQ in the Avenues: Nov. 23rd Recap

On November 23rd of 2016 was the first BBQ of the school year series. Due to the success of the first series in Summer, UpStar was able to apply for the grant and be accepted for a second time by the Youth Empowerment Fund. Though the first series went well, during this series, the main goal is outreach. We want to be able to reach out to people of different genres of art. We are working with CHALK to create a new outreach plan and learn about different ways to invite people to the BBQ events.

The food was provided by Bayview Hunters Point Yacht Club. There was delicious turkey, bread rolls, salad, potatoes (mashed and cheesy), cookies and amazing pumpkin pie. But it wasn’t just the food that brought everyone together. With performances by the featured artist, Courage, Mas L, Menace, Criminal Jojo and Amagine That, Sire and many more. The crowd had their stomachs, ears, eyes and hearts filled that night! “Seeing everyone come together and enjoy each other was my favorite part of the whole event!” Said K-Smacks, one of the youth leaders that helped organize the event. “Picking a favorite part isn’t that easy,” stated Sire, a senior UpStar team leader, “but if I had to pick, it’d be seeing all the new people performing and getting to know them as they got to know UpStar.” Roy, a youth chef enthused, “Sire’s performances, I’d have to say, were the best. Her vocals and energy really got the party pumping!” There were also raffles that got everyone involved and active in the BBQ! There was the “Who Brought Their Mama?” (people who came with their moms got gift cards), “Stupid Human Tricks” (whoever has the most liked tricks gets a gift card), and the “3 Mic Freestyle” (whoever has the most liked freestyle rap gets a gift card). Our next BBQ Open Mic will be December 16th of 2016 to celebrate the Holidays. Come and celebrate with us!


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