Meet the crew: Kelly

My name is Kelly. My artist name is Ksmacks. I’m 17 years young. A life goal of mine is to be successful in anything and everything I do in life. Someone who is a big influence in my life is my oldest sister, Tiff. The project I will be working on at SYS is the BBQ in the Avenues. Something I’m really proud of that I worked on is the slidshow and presentation to get our idea for the open mic series “BBQ in the Aimg_20161102_163305ves.” funded. Our team was awarded a $8,600 grant! Something I find that makes me different from others is that I have a great since of humor, and I’m really good at public speaking. I’m a big people person. I’ve been coming to SYS since I was 12 years old. Something I’m looking forward to in my life right now is graduating high school. This year at Upstar Records, I’m excited about working on all the BBQ events.


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