BBQ in the Avenues Final Overview

During the summer, we held open mic barbeques every other Friday with free food, raffles/games/giveaways, and free performances from artists around the city and from Upstar. On our last one, held on August 19th, there were 12 different performers and 60+ people attended. About 450 people attended the barbeques over the series. We had began these barbeques to help bring artists from the city to come together, share their work, and to help the teenage and young adult community get off their phones and connect with different cultures. Fortunately, it worked! With how many people that showed up, it’s hard to say that this project wasn’t a success! There were many performers that shared their songs and talents, along with getting many individuals coming and experiencing new events and activities.


It wasn’t an easy process, however. It took a week of preparation and a practice run and before hand to test how the project might go. Along with a few technical difficulties and set list mixes ups, it was a bit challenging, but the whole team toughed through it all. The team had grown closer with how much we worked together; learning from our mistakes and advising each other through minor hiccups. We all enjoyed making this event happen, and it was clear everyone else enjoyed it as well. The artists left their social media information to stay in touch and network. Everyone also asked for ways to continue the barbeques! We can’t wait to work on this more!


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