BBQ in the avenues: back story

BBQ in the AvenuesALLDATESHello, my name is Nay Nay and I’m 15 years old. Ok so check it, BBQ in the Avenues was an idea created in the back room of Upstar Records by NayNay, Jode, Lauren, Courage and Sire as an attempt to recreate the times when people could go hang out and not have to worry about violence or chaos breaking out. This project was also used as a gateway for up-and-coming performers to network and show case their talents. People from all over the  city and further came to listen to the music and eat food. I honestly think the environment was really peaceful and watching the performances was a breath-taking experience  dancers, singers, poets, rappers and more came to perform. My role was to help with the video and grant application. I also helped set up and tear down on event night. I was most proud of the fact that we had so many parties without any drama, no fights at all. BBQ in the Avenues was a successful project –the food was amazing the events were very memorable. The games and the give aways, and the karaoke all left a good impression that inspired us try for another grant to fund the BBQ so it can continue through the school year.


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