Who We Are: UpStar Records, Mali Linton


My name is Mali Linton and I’m 20 years old. Some of my goals in life is to be successful, and to be happy and contented with the choices I have made and about to make. I am motivated by those people who whole-heartedly supports me with whatever I’m doing. I am also motivated by the experiences I earn throughout my life. I am different from other people because of how I view things in my own perspective. I am different because I create and use my own creativity with everything I do.

A project I am working on at UpStar Records is the song for the compilation for the UpStar CD. I achieved my 1st E.P. in January called “The Gate Away” which I’m very proud of, and I am also proud of my original beats in every song I have worked on in my life. I’ve been coming to Youth Center at Sunset Youth Services since last year (2015). I enjoy creating music, listening to instrumentals, drawing, creating poetry, and playing basketball when I am not working. This year at Up Star Records, I am excited about working on new music, and helping other youths in improving their abilities.


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