Who We Are: The Youth Movement

My name is Cameron Collier and I’m 15 years old. I’m a producer for the Youth Movement podcast. I’m enthusiastic about producing beats, and I hope I can have a career that involves producing music. My motivation is the idea of finally getting good at making beats that I actually like, and until that day comes I’m gonna keep working. I’ve been at Sunset Youth Services since January 2015.


I listen to music all the time, and I admire…waaaaay too many people for me to list down right now, but a def couple are Earl and ASAP Rocky. A lot of the people I listen to I enjoy their style and how they create their music. Aside from music, my favorite activity is eating! If I had a car and like 50 bucks I’d go to Chili’s for a southern smokehouse burger and probably some other heart attack inducing meal that’ll send me to the E.R. Oh well. If I had to describe myself, I’d say I’m a weird kid, but, let’s be honest… nowadays most of the kids you’ll meet are pretty weird, right?

I’m proud of making beats here at Upstar Records, and when I have enough of them finished I’m going to start promoting my music on SoundCloud. Last summer, I was proud to be able to have our music festival at Union Square. It meant something, to have a youth-led event in a place like that, where professionals perform all the time. The location made our festival a success. Hundreds of people came and danced. It felt great to get on stage and perform in front of everyone. And it helped me come out of my shell for a bit and get into my rapper persona.


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