Who We Are: The Youth Movement

My name is Erick Cortez, one of the producers of our podcast, The Youth Movement. Last year, I worked at Upstar Records learning to produce music and manage the recording studio. I’ve been coming to Sunset Youth Services since 2014 when I took a a beat production class at Life Learning Academy.


I’m 18 years old. I’m enthusiastic about making music and money. In my free time, I usually write raps and make songs. I create to expand my skills in making music and just overall enjoy my free time. One of my favorite things to do while I’m not working is eating and skating and playing video games. My absolute favorite performer I’ve heard is probably the home boy, Pink Samurai, just because of how shy he was before coming to our studios and how open he is now to performing and creating music!

I’m different from other people because I’m my own person, always positive and super goofy. Traveling to Colorado is my dream because I wanna have a fresh start over there. I am motivated by my family and friends (Gracias, homies and fam!). My career goals are to graduate from college with a degree in Computer Science so I can score a job as an I.T. The person I admire the greatest is my mother because she is a very hard worker.

Working on the podcast so far has taught me more responsibility. It’s kept me occupied and kept me from being lazy. This project has taught me to be more confident because as I’m making songs and editing interviews, I realize that I am able to use my skills in the studio. I’m currently working on a couple of new songs but if you want to hear a song I produced last year, you can hear it here. This is the song I wrote and recorded with Cameron called “Self Explanatory.”


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