New year for Upstar~!

Today we had the first meeting of the year with the Upstar youth staff. We kicked off the meeting with a quick check-in about our new years break and had a lot of laughs because of some of the stories. After we caught up with each other, we talked about some of our exciting projects we are working and writing songs for Upstar’s upcoming album.


Here are some of the updates our artists shared:

Erick and Cameron are doing a remix of their song “Self Explanatory.”
LeAndre is back on our Upstar team and is starting to write his first song. Sierra is finishing her first song ever and plans on finishing it for the next Upstar album.
Evan has been busy making beats and creating his own original music
Danesha is back on the team and is working on one of her own songs and she’s helping one of our artists Fantasy (FanBanga) record her new song “Something Special.”
We discussed our new podcast, “The Youth Movement,” which is almost ready for release. Cameron is creating original music, and Noelia is our host and is also recording different segments for the podcast.



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