The Youth Movement Matters!

My name is Noelia Gonzalez. I’m a 15-year-old youth leader at Sunset Youth Services. Me and my friends created a podcast called, The Youth Movement so that we can promote the ideas of young people in San Francisco.

noelia g Upstar Logo











I first worked with Upstar Records, the youth-led music label, writing and recording my own music, but once my contract ran out and my time here was done, I would still come by the Youth Center and the recording studio…even though I wasn’t getting paid! While I worked at Upstar, I built relastionships and a family. That made this place even more important to me. Then my friends and I started to think of ways to continue making music and promoting artists.

We wrote a grant and did some practice interviews. We had a real interview with the funders, Youth Empowerment Fund. We got the grant for $10,000! So, I started working here again.

What I’m passionate about is my music and this podcast because I get to reach out to people in the city the same way that I would do with music. With this podcast, I want to be able to address problems and give people a voice. I want to open peoples eyes and let them see whats really going on in the city. A problem that I want to open up is the police brutality. I want to show the side that people don’t normally hear and I want to state the facts, specifically youth because they are the ones who don’t get heard.

We will go to community events and to schools to talk to other young people about their experiences. I am part of the team making this podcast  to give people a voice. And I want to make sure that they get heard. If your reading this and you want to be talk about police brutality, youth empowerment, etc. please contact us


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