All City Arts Festival

On June 12, 2015, we threw our first public festival, called the All City Arts Festival. We put a call out to artists across the city to invite them to perform alongside our crew in Union Square. This was also the album release of Upstar Records’ fourth album, “B4 You Judge Our Differences.”

Every year our goal is to create a compilation album with young, up-and-coming artists in San Francisco, and then throwing a big party/festival to celebrate the release of the album, as well as providing a place for all kinds of young artists to perform and show their talent.

The day was a huge success, and here is the proof! 

Noelia and Erick standing in front of the giant stack of pizza we gave away for FREE during the event.
Fresh off the press: the stack of our 2015 albums, which we gave out at the event FREE OF CHARGE.


Here we have Upstar Records team leader Ari Liccarrdo, managing the collection of t-shirts we distributed, again FREE. The artwork was designed by Luis Cardova, a talented young man who happens to be incarcerated .
At the sound board, Ron Steuckle, one of our founders was helping the show sound great.
Nasina Chambers on stage, wearing one of the shirts that celebrates youth arts.
Sirron Pugh (aka Kid Flame) performing one of his songs on stage representing Upstar.
The stage at Union Square was immense! And had a view of the dense downtown area.
 Shamir Couvson performing and the Upstar crew as well as the audience members jamming out to his song.
The Upstar Records ladies performing and hyping up the crowd with their dance moves.
Ronnell and Mystic Blaze danced during Adriel Diaz’s set,  accompanied by an adorable audience member.
The whole Upstar crew performing and dancing on the stage together.
The end of the festival, with Ariana Blea on the mic and all of the Upstar Records crew on stage, celebrating together.
Wendy and Zach in front of Zak’s artwork on display at the festival.
At the end of the day, the Upstar Records crew helped tear down the gear and load up the cards. This is is hanging out and enjoying each others’ company after the hard work. 
Mari helped give out shirts. Here she is, with Wendy & Vicky, the Upstar staff.

Overall we had an amazing time putting this festival on.We achieved our goal of sharing with the public all of the hard work we have done in making these songs come to life, and supporting one another as a community of artists and leaders. We plan to continue to have yearly festivals to share the talents and creativity Upstar Records and Sunset Youth Services with the city of San Francisco. 


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